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Telenet is staying one step ahead in a digital world.

Telenet is one of Belgium’s largest telecommunication providers and specialises in the supply of broadband internet, fixed and mobile telephony services and cable television. They are headquartered in Mechelen and employs over 3.500 full-time employees.

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The solution

Shedding light on talent supply and demand

As human capital is the most crucial asset in their organisation, Telenet implemented TechWolf in their quest towards Strategic Workforce Intelligence. They have a better grasp of the talent present in their walls, better preparing them for future transformation.

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    Leveraging employee data

    TechWolf leverages employee data & interactions from Telenet's systems, including Oracle HCM Cloud, Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Yammer… to track the skills and competencies of every employee.

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    Using labour market data

    TechWolf performs a daily analysis of the entire labour market to identify skill trends, changes in job content and future roles. Using this knowledge, the organisation can define which skills are needed in Telco now and in the future.

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    Skills-based processes

    TechWolf combines skills supply and demand so Telenet can turn strategic goals into actionable plans. They can detect skill gaps and calculate employability on the level of the employee, department or organisation and take people decisions accordingly.

Webinar • AI-based SWP at Telenet

Mikaël Wornoo (COO at TechWolf) and Kris Legroe (Director of Employee Services at Telenet)


Alignment people and business

Telenet aligned the workforce with their business plans to target skill requirements and prioritise transition strategies.

Automation of tedious work

Telenet unburdened both their employees and HR department by making human capital tangible without depending on manual work or surveys.

Data-driven decision making

Telenet laid a foundation for data-driven people decisions based on objective employee skills & competencies data.

Other use cases


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