Strategic Workforce Planning Software

TechWolf’s artificial intelligence enables enterprises to use their data to scale Strategic Workforce Planning.

Automated skills mapping


Know Your Talent Supply

The skill sets of your employees are the engine to drive business growth. Using your existing HR and non-HR data, TechWolf uses AI/NLP to detect the skills your workforce has today and creates an always-up-to-date skill inventory and skill taxonomy for the entire organisation.

Labour market insights


Understand Talent Demand

With TechWolf, your organisation has continuous insights into the external labour market. Using AI to analyse public job vacancies, TechWolf creates an accurate image of the labour market and offers an understanding of declining and emerging skills and roles within your industry.

Detect skill gaps


Detect Skill Gaps

Using the insights from the job market and the constructed skills inventory, TechWolf analyses the skill gaps and the skills health on a massive scale. Get insights into different levels of your organisation, from individuals up to entire departments.

Data-driven workforce decisions


Make Data-driven Decisions

TechWolf helps you optimise processes and decision-making at scale, including L&D, internal mobility and talent acquisition by using skills as the universal language across your HR departments to provide consistent data-driven insights about your skill gaps.

TechWolf - strategic workforce intelligence

Customer case

Strategic Workforce Intelligence at Telenet

As human capital is the most crucial asset in their organisation, Telenet implemented TechWolf in their quest towards Strategic Workforce Intelligence. They have a better grasp of the skills present in their walls and the skills needed in the future.

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Skills-based Strategic Workforce Planning

Blog post

Why Should Organisations Move Towards Skills-based Strategic Workforce Planning

Using skills in Strategic Workforce Planning means moulding talent to fit the needs of the organisation rather than the other way around. Discover the advantages of the skills-based approach in this article.

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