Strategic Workforce Planning for the Enterprise

TechWolf supports enterprise HR departments in measuring and managing the skills and skill gaps in their workforce with artificial intelligence.

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Automatic skill tracking

TechWolf continuously tracks the skills of your employees by leveraging data from multiple HR & workplace software they already use.


Labour market insights

By gathering data from millions of public vacancies all over the world, TechWolf provides real-time insights into the job market - specific for your vertical and business.


AI-based Strategic Workforce Planning

By combining internal skill data with the data-driven insights of the labour market, TechWolf maps your organisation’s skill gaps and supports the decision-making process of buy, build, or borrow.

TechWolf provides the data-driven insights your HR strategy needs

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TechWolf - strategic workforce intelligence

Customer case

Strategic Workforce Intelligence at Telenet

As human capital is the most crucial asset in their organisation, Telenet implemented TechWolf in their quest towards Strategic Workforce Intelligence. They have a better grasp of the skills present in their walls and the skills needed in the future.

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The building blocks for Strategic Workforce Planning

  1. 1

    Monitoring skills supply

    Inventory for your organisation’s skills, based on and observable in its HR systems.

  2. 2

    Understanding skills demand

    Data-driven insights into the skills your organisation needs now and in the future.

  3. 3

    Combining supply & demand

    Measurable and manageable skill gaps, on an individual as well as on organisational level.

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