Skill Taxonomy: the AI-driven approach

Eliminate manual work and use AI to keep your taxonomy up-to-date.

A skill taxonomy project tends to cause a few headaches for HR and business leaders alike.

Yet, AIHR's definition sounds quite appealing:

What is a skills taxonomy?

"A skills taxonomy is a structured list of skills defined at the organization level that identifies the capabilities of a business in a quantifiable way. Essentially, it is a system that classifies skills within an organization into groups and clusters."

In theory, building a skill taxonomy for your company makes perfect sense.

The problem is, once you try to manually maintain the taxonomy, it’s like trying to maintain the Webster Dictionary if 25% of the words would change every year. That's the rate at which skills in vacancies change year-over-year, so manual taxonomy maintenance is (almost) impossible. It simply doesn’t work.

What's more, when HR starts talking about a skills taxonomy, the business gets flashbacks to surveys, workshops and excel files.

There is a better way.

Using AI, TechWolf creates a taxonomy for you, from the data you have.

First, the technology identifies people's skills, and then it classifies these skills into groups and clusters.The AI algorithm doesn't stop when the work has been done once: it continues to automatically capture emerging skills and competencies within your workforce.

Listen to TechWolf co-founder Mikaël Wornoo as he explains the value of AI-driven Skill Taxonomies in an interview with Learning Tech expert Christopher Lindt:

To listen to the whole podcast episode, head over to Get Your Skills in Shape with TechWolf.

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