Objective performance management: a skills-based approach helps

A new take on performance and talent calibrations

"If you're like any organisation on the planet, you're probably going through performance and talent calibrations at this time of year." Christopher Lind, Learning Tech Expert.

Recently, Mikaël Wornoo featured as a guest on Christopher's Learning Tech Talks podcast. During the conversation, Mikaël and Chris discuss an all too common pattern in performance review conversations:

"Chris, I think your instructional design skills level is three."
"No, I think it's four.”

At this point, what do you do?

It helps to have an objective overview of how skills are actively applied during working hours. "In a particular case, an employee claimed proficiency in nine skills. Looking at the skills information in TechWolf, we only found strong evidence for six skills. We had no evidence for three skills. Just having this information to work with, shifts the entire conversation."

For the full podcast, in which Christopher and Mikaël talk about how identifying skills can be challenging at scale, go to: Get Your Skills in Shape with TechWolf.

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