Why TechWolf

We are not another HR tool. TechWolf connects to your existing systems and uses advanced AI to get actionable insights out of your employee data.

World-class Artificial Intelligence

Word-Class Artificial Intelligence

Our technology is powered by the most recent advances in language technology, able to extract, interpret, contextualise and compare skills and jobs from unstructured data - making our AI explainable and unbiased.

Skills infrastructure for your HR ecosystem

Infrastructure for Skills

As an API-first product, TechWolf is built to connect to any of your tools, providing your HR ecosystem with skills. No matter your setup, our technology adapts to your way of working - without adding an extra interface.

Quick value via our skill ontology

Intelligent Skill Ontology

As the TechWolf technology already understands skills and jobs to a very industry-specific level, we can enrich your data quickly and accurately, even if your organisation has only very little data to work with.

TechWolf integrates with unlimited tools

Unlimited Integrations

Our well-documented API connects smoothly with unlimited HR and workplace software, guaranteeing seamless integration with your tooling stack.

GDPR Compliance

Your data is safe with us. TechWolf processes personal data in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and provides a strictly isolated environment for each customer.

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Open API Docs

Want to find out how to connect TechWolf to your system? We’ve got everything you need to know written out in our API documentation.

View our API docs

ISO 27001 Certified

TechWolf is an ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified organisation. This standard helps us manage the processes and procedures that guarantee the security of our products and services.

About our information security

Our technology is based on fundamental research

We firmly believe that good AI can only be built on solid research. That’s why we don’t just follow the research community but actively contribute to it.

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    Research with Cambridge University

    Bad Form: Comparing Context-Based and Form-Based Few-Shot Learning in Distributional Semantic Models.
    Jeroen Van Hautte, Guy Emerson, Marek Rei

    Submitted on arXiv.org on 1 Oct 2019

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    Research on expanding and updating skill and job ontologies automatically

    Leveraging the Inherent Hierarchy of Vacancy Titles for Automated Job Ontology Expansion.
    Jeroen Van Hautte, Vincent Schelstraete, Mikaël Wornoo

    Submitted on arXiv.org on 6 april 2020

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