Customer story: Kris Legroe at Telenet

Watch Telenet's Director of Employee Services explain how he guides leading Belgian telco company Telenet through digital transformation:

Kris' story:

Kris Legroe, Director of Employee Services, Telenet: “We see a major shift in how our customers want to interact with us. We can no longer afford to recruit and retain the right profiles in a traditional way.”

Kris decided to look for a solution to continuously list and find the skills that will keep his workforce relevant in these evolving times. During his research, he came across TechWolf.

TechWolf beats traditional approaches to skill mapping, thanks to its fast time to value.

Making full use of TechWolf's AI-powered technology, Telenet achieved an up-to-date, clear and automated view on their employee’s skills and competencies in less than 8 weeks.

What’s more, having access to TechWolf’s wealth of labour market data lets Telenet analyse digital maturity across industries, and take action accordingly.

“We are comparing industries - particularly the telecom sector with other sectors - to predict how specific digital and data profiles will evolve, in order to develop or recruit those profiles.”

The video is made by technology organisation Agoria which works closely with TechWolf on industry innovation tracks.

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