Strategic Workforce Intelligence

How TechWolf sheds a data-driven light on the workforce of a leading organisation in Telco.

Facing the challenges in Telco

  1. 1

    No clear overview of skills

    A skilled workforce is a Telco’s largest asset in today’s knowledge economy, but is difficult to measure & manage accurately.

  2. 2

    No insights into skill gaps

    Without insights into the skills of an organisation and the trends on the job market, defining skill gaps and planning for the future becomes impossible.

  3. 3

    No data-driven decisions

    Due to the lack of data and objective people assessments, there is no framework present for data-driven people decisions.

The Telco organisation teamed up with TechWolf to get insights into their talent.

Skill tracking Telco

Talent Supply

Leveraging employee data

TechWolf leverages employee data & interactions from their systems, including Oracle HCM Cloud, Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Yammer… to track the skills and competencies of the organisation's employees.

Labour Market data

Talent demand

Using labour market data

TechWolf performs a daily analysis of the entire labour market to identify skill trends, changes in job content and future roles. Using this knowledge, the organisation can define which skills are needed in Telco now and in the future.

Skill-based processes

Combining Talent Supply & Demand

Skills-based processes

TechWolf combines skills supply and demand so the company can turn strategic goals into actionable plans. Monitor skills health, detect skill gaps and calculate employability on the level of the employee, team, department or organisation and take people decisions accordingly.

The results for the organisation

  1. 1

    Alignment between people and business

    They aligned the workforce with their business plans to target skill requirements within Telco and prioritise transition strategies.

  2. 2

    Automation of tedious work

    They unburdened both employees and their HR department by making human capital tangible without depending on manual work or surveys.

  3. 3

    Data-driven decision making

    They laid a foundation for data-driven people decisions based on objective employee skills & competencies data.

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