Artificial intelligence to continuously fuel your HR decisions

No, we are not another HR tool. Our smart Skill Engine™ connects to your current systems and uses advanced and ethical AI to get insights out of your employee data - all within the software you already use.

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    World-Class AI

    Our technology is based on fundamental, peer-reviewed AI research. Powered by the most recent advances in language technology, the Skill Engine™ gets the most out of your data.

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    Ethical by Design

    TechWolf was one of 50 companies involved in composing guidelines for Responsible AI in Europe. We won’t settle for biased, black-box AI and neither should your organisation.

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    Open Ecosystem

    As an API-first product, the Skill Engine™ is built to connect to any of your systems. No matter your setup, our technology adapts to your way of working.

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    Dynamic Skills Framework

    Every day, we analyse millions of vacancies to discover new skills and trends within the job market. This way, our skills framework is always up to date and ready to help you future-proof your workforce.

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    Speak your language

    If your organisation already has a competencies framework in place, our skills framework maps perfectly with it. Get even more out of your existing data!

How the Skill Engine™ works

The Skill Engine™ is a unique artificial intelligence-driven system that understands skills and how these relate to jobs, people, courses and each other. Using state-of-the-art language models, the Engine interprets the meaning of structured and unstructured data points from existing systems, mapping them to skill sets. Skill sets can be compared to each other, enabling the Skill Engine™ to analyse and match skills to help you build your workforce of tomorrow.

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ISO 27001 Certified

TechWolf is an ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified organisation. This standard helps us manage the processes and procedures that guarantee the security of our products and services.

About our information security

GDPR Compliance

Your data is safe with us. TechWolf processes personal data in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and provides a strictly isolated environment for each customer.

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Open API Docs

Want to find out how to connect TechWolf to your system? We’ve got everything you need to know written out in our API documentation.

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Our Skill Engine is based on fundamental research

We firmly believe that good AI can only be built on solid research. That’s why we don’t just follow the research community but actively contribute to it.

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    Research with Cambridge University

    Bad Form: Comparing Context-Based and Form-Based Few-Shot Learning in Distributional Semantic Models.
    Jeroen Van Hautte, Guy Emerson, Marek Rei

    Submitted on on 1 Oct 2019

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    Research on expanding and updating skill and job ontologies automatically

    Leveraging the Inherent Hierarchy of Vacancy Titles for Automated Job Ontology Expansion.
    Jeroen Van Hautte, Vincent Schelstraete, Mikaël Wornoo

    Submitted on on 6 april 2020

Techwolf - Enrich competency frameworks

Use case

Enriching VDAB's existing competency framework

Although VDAB’s (public employment service) current competency framework is reliable to run their day-to-day operations, it needs a lot of manual work to keep up to date. TechWolf researched how we could enrich and improve their current framework by mapping it onto our data-driven framework.

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