Towards data-driven talent management

TechWolf uses artificial intelligence to map out, analyse and manage your complete workforce and give you actionable insights on your current and future skill needs.

Automatic Skill Tracking

Automatic skill tracking

Don’t rely on manual input to gain insights. TechWolf continuously tracks the skills of your employees by leveraging data from multiple HR & workplace software they already use - potentially mapping these skills to your competency framework.

Strategic Workforce Intelligence

Strategic Workforce Intelligence

Once skill tracking is in place, compare the skills of your workforce as-is to your strategic roadmap and the fast-changing market. Visualise the supply & need of talent to gain insights on your organisation’s current and future skill gaps.

Skills as a Framework

Skills as common language in HR operations

Use skills to figure out which profiles you need to hire, which courses they should follow or who has to be part of the new project team - and measure how these actions contributed to closing skill gaps. TechWolf's skills framework enables all HR operations to determine and measure the actions of employees in an effective way.

How TechWolf elevated skills in these organisations

TechWolf - skill gaps

Use case

Reskilling and learning recommendations at InnoEnergy

Using the TechWolf Skill Engine enabled us to analyse vacancies at massive scale. These insights are being used to detect skill gaps automatically and suggest relevant courses to start reskilling.

Frank Gielen Education Director
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Candidate-centric matchmaking

Use case

Candidate-centric matchmaking for USG People

For USG People, TechWolf implemented a pro-active matchmaking tool to identify critical talent within their database. The top candidates were introduced in a fast and simple way to the consultants, to maximise the value of talent.

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