Data-driven Matching for Staffing Agencies

When matching people to jobs, finding the perfect fit for a candidate is quite rare - and matching models need to deal with a lot of ambiguity. TechWolf can support HR service providers with real candidate-centric and data-driven matchmaking to maximise the value of talent.

Skill based matching

Skill-based matching

TechWolf matches people to jobs based on skills, leading to higher quality matches, outperforming traditional matching algorithms.

Top candidates

Pro-active matchmaking

TechWolf calculates an employability score for every candidate, showing the demand for that candidate in the local labour market. Based on this score, TechWolf identifies all valuable candidates, even the ones hidden deeply in your database.

Company profiling

Employer Profiling

By gathering public hiring data from millions of enterprises in our data lake, TechWolf can automatically match candidates with organisations that hired similar profiles in the past.

An engine that matches your staffing needs

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Candidate-centric matchmaking

Customer case

Candidate-centric matchmaking for USG People

For USG People, TechWolf implemented a pro-active matchmaking tool to identify critical talent within their database. The top candidates were introduced in a fast and simple way to the consultants, to maximise the value of talent.

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Discover the hidden value in your database

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    AI-based skills matching

    Skills-based and omnidirectional matching and recommendations - fast, accurate and explainable.

  2. 2

    Active candidate management

    Continuous monitoring of the candidate database. Provide candidates objective insights into employability, learning and career paths.

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    Labour market data insights

    Fully leveraging external labour market data to profile organisations and leverage job market insights.

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