Careers at TechWolf

We’re always looking for talented people to join our dynamic wolfpack.

  • Enterprise Sales Development Representative

    TechWolf has an account-based selling strategy. As an enterprise SDR, this means you're fishing with spears, not with a large net. We have a narrowly defined target customer profile, and your job is to find organisations who are a good fit, as well as building a relationship with multiple stakeholders in those organisations. You will be responsible for our commercial activities in the Netherlands.

  • Solution Architect

    As a Solution Architect, you ensure our customers do wonderful things with our Skill Engine API. You map out the IT landscape and architecture of our customers and assist them in connecting various systems to the Engine. You work closely with Jeroen, our CTO and with the IT and BI departments of our customers.

  • NLP Engineer

    As a NLP Engineer on our engineering team, you would be reporting to our CTO. You will leverage your cognitive and analytical skills to come up with creative solutions to newfound problems, implement state-of-the-art NLP algorithms and techniques in the context of our product and develop new features for our product to help our customers' businesses thrive.

  • NLP Researcher

    As an organisation, TechWolf publishes multiple academic papers every year. We are in close collaboration with knowledge institutes and universities to improve the state-of-the-art in natural language processing. As an NLP Researcher, your job is to make sure we're still best in class 5 years from now.

  • Software Engineer

    As a software engineer within TechWolf, you help build the bridge between state-of-the-art natural language processing tools and our customer. You would get time to learn and acquire the necessary skills to build top-notch API's and backends while helping customers get the most out of our product every day.

  • DevOps Engineer

    As a DevOps Engineer, you help us deliver the enterprise-grade solution our customers expect. At TechWolf, we employ a state-of-the-art, continuously monitored container architecture. You build and set up new development tools and infrastructure and you ensure that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats.

  • Support Engineer

    As a Support Engineer, you are knowledgeable of enterprise IT architectures. You are familiar with some of the usual suspects (SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM Cloud, Slack...) and help TechWolf customers achieve maximum value with our solution.

  • Digital Marketer

    As a Digital Marketer, you help broadcast TechWolf's Mission & Vision to the outside world. You have a deep feel for TechWolf's brand identity and values and manage to transform these values and beliefs into pictures, texts and videos. You help us balance our reliable image towards the outside world and our young and dynamic employer brand.

  • Content Marketer

    As a Content Marketer, you help TechWolf become a Thought Leader in the big world of HRTech. You don't only appreciate reading good HR-related content but you ideate and create pieces yourself, based on a content strategy that you helped shape. You are on top of the latest content marketing trends and can apply them on TechWolf - keeping into account our brand and audience.

  • VP Finance

    As VP of Finance at TechWolf, you report to the CEO and run all strategic financial operations. You are integral in building rigour and operational excellence into how we approach accounting, reporting, fundraising and financial planning. You oversee the strategic planning process on a quarterly and annual cadence.

    You have multiple years of experience in a similar role in a fast-growing start- or scale-up.

  • People & Office Manager

    As People & Office Manager, you help manage the back-office of our fast-growing company. At TechWolf, we value technology & simplicity and this translates to our internal processes as well. You will help our CEO with the practicals of running a business, designing processes that are built to scale.

  • Summer Internships at TechWolf

    Our internships span a wide range of areas, with research-oriented and applied projects available in our tech, product, and commercial teams. Rather than having a predefined set of summer internships, we look for people with a passion for our mission and tailor projects to make sure you can apply your unique skills to have a maximal impact.

Didn’t find a job that fits your description?

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What you can expect from working at TechWolf

  1. 1

    A day-one employee at a growing company

    We are a small team, yet ambitious to grow. Be a part of it from day one and help us shape our own future as a company.

  2. 2

    Personal growth

    As the company grows, you grow with us. Learning opportunities will constantly be in your reach. We elevate skills in organisations so why shouldn’t you elevate yours?

  3. 3

    Flexible hours & compensation

    Early riser or night owl? Either way, you’ll fit right in our flexible working hours system, with working from home possibilities. On top of that, you can manage your mobility budget to fit your needs.

  4. 4

    Awesome team and office

    Energetic team? Check.
    Cool office in the centre of Ghent? Double-check.
    Fun team activities with tasty beers? Tripel-check.

  5. 5

    Impact and responsibility

    With great talent comes great responsibility. Leave your mark on every team meeting, project, process and customer interaction. We value each team member’s contributions.

What we value at TechWolf

At TechWolf, we believe that if a team wants the same thing, it doesn’t matter how exactly they get there – they will find a way.


We try to be as transparent as possible towards each other. This means that we discuss in an open way, where there is room for thoughtful disagreement. This way of working results in distributed responsibility among all team members and a chance for anyone to leave their mark.

Dream Team

A dream team consists of diverse people being really good at what they do, with the same ambitious goals and sharing the same values. This allows them to learn the most, perform the best work and have the most fun. Members of a dream team consider their skill set not to be fixed but rather ever-expanding.


TechWolf is more than just work. We are proud and enthusiastic about the cool things we do as a company. We never hesitate to enthuse new talent to join our team or to pitch our solutions to people in our network. Afterwork drinks, team buildings and camaraderie makes us more than a bunch of ordinary colleagues.

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